Psychotherapy – How can it help?

Psychotherapy - helping handPsychotherapy is the treatment of emotional or mental illness by talking about problems rather than (or along with) using medicine or drugs prescribed by your doctor.

It is personal counselling to aid a client in problems of living and aims to increase your own sense of well-being.

My goals of providing psychotherapy to individuals are to remove blocks to your potential and help you acquire tools to be able to deal with your life confidently now and when emotional challenges show up in the future.  What I will provide is a learning process that will help you to cope with your life better.

James Finley, PhD ( describes it beautifully:

“Psychotherapy allows people to stand in a clearing and begin to show up in their own life. You begin to know what you really know, feel what you really feel, constantly reel yourselves back in and really listen to what you’ve just said, have a clear image of yourselves and stop sliding past your own life.”

With psychotherapy, I can:

  • help you to realize your goals
  • help you to heal from a previous grief
  • assist you in gaining some closure on things from your past
  • help you gain coping skills
  • help you manage depression
  • boost your self-esteem
  • help you change negative thought patterns that are affecting your mood into learning how to make positive changes in your thoughts and behaviours
  • help you make positive changes in your personal relationships

Through psychotherapy, I can provide you positive, long-lasting change that can transform your health:

  •  lower blood pressure
  •  reduced stress
  •  sleep better
  •  feel energized
  •  and lots more

I invite you to give me a call at 705 350-0587 or e-mail me at; and Let’s Talk”