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Personal Information Protection Electronic Documents Act


Privacy of personal information is an important principle to Catherine Underhill.


The information that Catherine Underhill, Psychotherapist and Ki Alliance collects on her clients include name, address (home and work), gender, age, birth date, history (medical, employment, financial, educational, relational) name of spouse or life partner, email.


Accountability. The privacy officer of Catherine Underhill, Psychotherapist and Ki Alliance is the owner and sole proprietor, Catherine Underhill. The responsibility of the privacy officer is to respond to enquiries, complaints, update information and understand the legislation.


Purpose. Like all health care professionals, personal information is collected, used and disclosed in order to serve Catherine Underhill’s clients:

a) Primarily, for the purpose of providing therapy and counselling services.

b) Secondarily,

–  To be able to contact clients personally about updates to appointments.

–  To advise clients and others of special events or opportunities (e.g. a workshop, a group therapy opportunity)

–  To invoice clients for services not paid for at the time of session, or to collect unpaid accounts.

–  The Ontario Association of Consultants, Counsellors, Psychometrists and Psychotherapists regulate psychotherapists and may inspect records and interview Catherine Underhill as a part of their regulatory activities in the public interest.

–  To respond to the requirements of various government agencies (e.g. Canada                                           Customs and Revenue Agency, Information and Privacy Commissioner, Human Rights Commission, etc.) who have the authority to review files as a part of their mandates. In these circumstances, Catherine Underhill, Psychotherapist may consult with professionals (e.g. lawyers, accountants) who will investigate the matter and report back.

You may choose not to be part of some of these related or secondary purposes (e.g. by declining to receive notice of special events or opportunities) Catherine Underhill however, does not have much choice but to comply with many of these secondary or related purposes (e.g. external regulation).


Consent. Consent is obtained from each client at the Intake Session, by giving them a “Consent to Perform Session” form that explains how exchange of information in the session is overseen and retained in strict confidence, utilized solely for the purpose of the sessions and asks for their signature on the consent form.

Limit Use, Disclosure & Retention. Personal information gathered is kept in client files and retained in one filing cabinet that is kept locked in a locked room when not in use. Information gathered that is retained in electronic hardware is on one computer owned by Catherine Underhill, Psychotherapist. Controlled access is achieved by password.

Paper information is transmitted through sealed, addressed envelopes or boxes by reputable companies.

Client files are retained for a minimum of ten years after the last contact.

Clients can review information by request. With only a few exceptions, clients have the right to access any record of their personal health information and to request copies of the information. Catherine Underhill will help clients identify and understand any information they do not understand (e.g. short forms, technical language etc.) I reserve the right to charge a nominal fee for such requests.

Once information is no longer necessary, paper files containing personal information are destroyed by shredding. Electronic information is deleted. When hardware is discarded, the hard drive is physically destroyed.


Accuracy. Every effort is made to ensure accuracy of personal information gathered from clients. If a client believes that information in their record is not accurate, a written request to correct their record may be made. If Catherine Underhill, Psychotherapist does not agree with the correction the client requests, the client may file a notice of disagreement in their record.


Safeguards. The filing cabinet in the home office of Catherine Underhill, Psychotherapist is locked when not in use. Only one person has access to the information.

With only a few exceptions, personal health information will not be disclosed to persons outside this practice without the clients’ consent. The limits of confidentiality include circumstances in which disclosure is justified by law and allowed by our profession’s ethical standards (e.g. risk of serious bodily harm; the need for confidential professional or legal consultation), or required by law (e.g. reporting a child in need of protection; reporting a health professional who has sexually abused a client; to report information suggesting serious illegal behaviour to the authorities; a court order to release information from a record).


Transparency. The privacy policy of Catherine Underhill, Psychotherapist and Ki Alliance is published on the web-site of and . It is also filed electronically on her computer and in hard copy in her filing system. Also, the privacy policy is printed on documents that gather information during initial client contact.


Access. Any client can request information through email or telephone to Catherine Underhill at Suite 217, 65 Cedar Pte. Dr., Barrie, ON, L4N 9R3  Phone 705 350-0587.

Email: The information will be confirmed within reasonable time, no longer than 5 working days.


Recourse. To find resolution to a complaint, approach first the privacy officer of Catherine Underhill, Psychotherapist. Should that prove unsatisfactory, individuals can contact the Privacy Commissioner of Canada:


Jennifer Shoddart,

Privacy Commissioner of Canada,

112 Kent St.,

Ottawa, ON

K1A 1H3

Tel: 1-800-282-1376